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 St. Pauls Sr. Sec.  School is C.B.S.E affiliated for 10 and 10+2 standards.

Junior School

Junior school has the system of grading to judge the students academics. Each class is under the supervision of a single teacher who teaches all the subjects and interacts with the students for their betterment in academics
Educational field trips once a year to a certain place Weekly trips to the school library which has a sizable collection of books to satisfy every students needs.

Transition: Introduction to alphabets and numbers and extended playtime for the aid of developing the students.


Teaching by play way method, to draw line , recognisition of alphabets in English & Hindi, number 1 to 20 etc.



An introduction to the capital letters of the alphabets in English, Hindi alphabets & the numbers 1 to 30, Coloring etc.



Children learn to write the cursive alphabets in English , Hindi alphabets, reading & writing of short word in both the languages, Numbers 1 to 100, Drawing.



English, Hindi , Arithmetic, Environmentsl Studies, Drawing & G.K. from picture book.



Introduction to the study of a vernacular language of the choice of the student.

Class 2:

Introduction of General Science and practical analysis of the trees in the school compound for better understanding and Environmental education and English literature.

Class 3:

Introduction of Social studies as a subject which include History, Civics and Geography

Class 4:

The students are given their 1st chance to show their responsibility as the best  students from the past 6 years are chosen to be junior school leaders to lead their fellow students.




Class 1 to 4

English, Hindi, Modern Maths Environmental Studies, Environmental Education, G.K., Moral Science. Drawing & Craft and computer Education.

Middle School(Classes 5-8):

Introduction of the students to Monday tests, half-yearly and annual examinations Introduction to the concept of separately specialized teachers teaching separate subjects to improve their knowledge and concepts.


Class 5-6:

Introduction to higher level of study of the subjects already being taught. Higher level of mathematics by bringing distinction between arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Introduction of 3rd language.  

Class 7:

Introduction of physics, chemistry and biology as separate subjects. Weekly visits to the laboratories occur to practical demonstrations.

Class 8:

Students who have excelled in academics as well as extracurricular activities are given the chance to be middle school leaders to lead their juniors.




Class V to VIII:

English, Hindi, General Science, Modern Mathematics, Social Science, Environmental Studies, Sanskrit Environmental Education, General Knowledge, Drawing and Computer Education

Senior School(Classes 9-12)


Seminars and workshops held in school for students 3rd Language classes end

Class 9-12 :

Weekly trips to the lab for practical experiments with practical examinations.

Class 10:   

Students have their 1st Board examination. The school gives 2 pre-board examinations for students to improve on their academics before their examination

Class IX & X

(a)   English, Hindi, Maths, Science & Technology, Social Science, Environmental                  Education and Computer Education.

(b)  Socially useful & productive work (S.U.P.W.), Art Education, Physical Education            and Community Service.


Class XI and XII (10 + 2)

           Compulsory Subject: English

           Optional Subject

(a)  Science Stream : Physics , Chemistry , Mathematics, Biology,                       

      Informatics Practices and Physical Education

(b)  Commerce Stream : Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Mathematics, I.P. and  Physical Education

(c)  Humanities Stream : History, Geography, Political Science, Physical Education & Economics.



Examination are conducted in an academic session, i.e. Quarterly, Half- Yearly and Annual. In addition, Periodic test are conducted. The final result are announced on the basis the aggregate marks of the three terms Exams.

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