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"St. Paul's School is First C.B.S.E. English Medium School at Abu road"----------------"REGISTRATION OPEN FOR CLASSES NURSERY TO XII FOR THE SESSION 2023-2024"---------------------------"HURRY!!! LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE "

Sports Ground

  • The St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School field has one of the biggest fields in a school compound in Abu Road.
  • St. Paul’s Sr. Sec School has the first portable size basketball court in the entire distt.
  • St. Paul’s Sr. Sec School holds its annual sports day where students participate and win medals and certificated for their performance. The sports days are different for junior school and middle and senior school:
  • Junior School Events(Each class has different events):

Flat race

  • Fancy race(different for each class and depends upon the teachers for the theme of the race)
  • Middle and Senior School(The events are dependent on the age of the participant)-The participant of the race is representing his respective house(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) and not his class:
  1. 75m sprint   
  2. 100m sprint 
  3. 200m sprint 
  4. 400m sprint     
  5. 800m run   
  6. 1000m run   
  7. Relay(inter-house) 4x100 
  8. Relay (Inter house) Medley   
  9. Long jump   
  10. Broad jump   
  11. High jump 
  12. Javelin throw  
  13. Short put       
  14.  Discuss     
  15. Tug Of War
  •  We also boast of having one of the following in which any talented student can join:
  1. Cricket Team
  2. Football Team 
  3. Hockey Team
  4. T.T Team   
  5. Rugby Team   
  6. Rowing Team
  7. Basketball Team


  •  St. Pauls Sr. Sec. School  is known for its annual function which occurs annually.
  1. School Dance Team
  2. Quiz-Interclass and interschool
  3. Chess Team
  4.  Debating Team